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Грузопоршневой манометр высоких давлений CPB5000HP


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Деловые линии
Деловые линии


  • Primary standard for defining the pressure scale in a range of up to 5000 bar hydraulic
  • Reference instrument for testing, adjusting and calibrating pressure measuring instruments in factories and calibration laboratories
  • Self-contained, complete system also suitable for on-site measurements / calibrations

Special Features

  • Total uncertainty of measurement down to 0.02 % of reading
  • Factory calibration certificate as standard, traceable to National Standards, DKD/DAkkS calibration certificate available as an option
  • High long-term stability with a recommended recalibration cycle of 5 years
  • Masses manufactured from stainless steel and aluminium, local gravity adjustment possible at no additional charge


Basic principle

Pressure is defined as the quotient of force and area (P= F/A). Correspondingly, the core of the CPB 5000HP is a very precisely-manufactured piston cylinder system, which is loaded with masses in order to generate the individual test points.

These weights are manufactured to standard gravity (9.80665 m/s?) although, for fixed location usage they can be adjusted to a customer-specified local gravity.

Easy operation

The pressure is set via an integrated pump. For fine adjustment a very precisely adjustable spindle pump is mounted. As soon as the measuring system reaches equilibrium, there is a balance of forces between pressure and mass applied. 

The excellent quality of the system ensures that this pressure remains stable over several minutes, so that the device under test can be calibrated or time-consuming adjustments can be carried out without any problems.

Solid instrument design

The CPB5000HP has been designed around a solid platform and offers exceptional ease-of-use. With the integrated initial pressure pump and 250 ml tank, large test volumes can also be easily filled and pre-compressed.

Measuring ranges

  • 2500 bar / 40000 psi
  • 4000 bar / 60000 psi
  • 5000 bar / 70000 psi
Грузопоршневой манометр, гидравлический
Грузопоршневой манометр, гидравлический CPB5800
Applications Primary standard for defining the pressure scale in a range up to 1400 bar hydraulic Reference instrument for factory and calibration laboratories for the testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments Complete, stand-alone system, also suitable for on-site use
Компактный грузопоршневой манометр
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Применение Эталон давления для воспроизведения и передачи единицы давления в диапазоне до 1200 бар (гидравлика) Образцовое средство для лабораторий в промышленности для испытаний, калибровки и настройки средств измерения давления Замкнутая система, с возможностью проведения работ на месте эксплуат
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Экономичный грузопоршневый манометр
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Применение Первичный эталон для воспроизведения единицы давления в диапазонах до 1000 бар (пневматика) Эталонный прибор для испытаний, настройки и калибровки средств измерения давления в лабораториях и производственных помещениях Специальные особенности