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Термометр сопротивления TR40


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Деловые линии


  • For direct installation in the process
  • Machine building
  • Engines
  • Storage
  • Pipelines and tanks

Special Features

  • Application ranges from -200 °C to +600 °C
  • For insertion, screw-in optional process connection
  • Cable material PVC, silicon, PTFE or fibreglass
  • Explosion-protected versions Ex-i, Ex-n and NAMUR NE24


Cable resistance thermometers are especially suited for applications where the metal sensor tip is fitted directly into drilled holes, e.g. in machine parts, or directly into the process, i.e. for all applications without chemically-aggressive media and without abrasion.

For mounting into a thermowell, a spring-loaded compression fitting is provided since only this can press the sensor tip to the bottom of the thermowell, without a - potentially critical - application of force onto the sensor tip.

In the standard version the thermocouples are manufactured without process connections. Fastening elements such as threads, union nuts etc. are available as options.

Термометр сопротивления
Термометр сопротивления TR31
Anwendungen Maschinen-, Anlagen- und Beh?lterbau Antriebstechnik, Hydraulik Allgemeine Anwendungen Leistungsmerkmale Messbereiche von -50 °C bis +250 °C, Genauigkeitsklasse nach DIN EN 60 751 Integrierter Tran
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