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Радарный уровнемер OPTIFLEX 1100 C

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Деловые линии
Деловые линии

Guided Radar (TDR) Level Meter

The cost-effective TDR solution

  • Continuous level measurement of liquids and solids
  • Cost-effective 2-wire loop-powered TDR level meter
  • Intuitive 5-step quick setup procedure

This device  is a 2-wire TDR level meter for measuring distance, level, volume and mass of liquids and solids. Its simple, compact design allows service technicians to quickly assemble the probe and attach it to a threaded connection. It is an affordable solution for applications that do not require a high level of accuracy and is also an excellent alternative to traditional level controls such as RF Capacitance, conductive and DP transmitters.

The display can be ordered with the device or as an accessory. It shows measurement data on a 128 ? 64 pixel screen. The configuration menu permits the device to be set up in a small number of intuitive steps.


  • 2-wire loop-powered level meter for liquids and solids
  • For general-purpose use (non-hazardous areas)
  • Measuring range up to 20 m / 65.6 ft (liquids) and 10 m / 32.8 ft (solids)
  • Easy menu navigation without opening the housing
  • Probes and process connections are made of stainless steel
  • For process temperatures up to 100°C / 212°F and pressures up to 16 barg / 232 psig
  • Display in 9 languages: including Chinese, Japanese and Russian


  • O.E.M. equipment: e.g. as part of an automatic oil lubrication feed system
  • Machine & skid assembly: The control of water and cleaning agents in industrial washing machines, filling machines for ink and beverages
  • Tank & silo building: Tanks for water, oil, underground tanks, rental tanks for glycol etc.
  • Water & wastewater: Level control in water basins, ports, locks
  • Pulp & paper: All kinds of storage tanks and recyclying tanks
  • Agriculture: Water control for greenhouses, livestock feed management, blood recovery in abbatoirs
  • Chemical: Storage of plastic pellets
  • Automotive: Paint booths, lubricant oils
  • Food & beverage: Various storage and recycling tanks for wine, beer, fruit juice, ...


  • Level measurement in buffer tanks, collectors and simple process applications
  • Silo level monitoring in quarrying and agriculture
  • Volume measurement for storage tanks (with a 30-point strapping table)
Радарный уровнемер
Радарный уровнемер OPTIFLEX 1300 C
Рефлекс-радарный (TDR) уровнемер Универсальный прибор, способный измерять дистанцию, уровень, дистанцию и уровень границы раздела фаз, объема и массы жидких и сыпучих прочих продуктов, паст, гранул и порошков Простота установки: не требует калибровки на месте Работает при давлении до 300 бар / 4350 psi
Радарный уровнемер
Радарный уровнемер BM 702 A
2-х проводной бесконтактный радарный (FMCW) уровнемер 2-х проводной радарный уровнемер  Высокая точность и повторяемость Не требует технического обслуживания 2-проводное радарное решение OPTIWAVE 7300 C является единственным радарным (FMCW) уровнемером с 2-х
Радарный уровнемер
Радарный уровнемер BM 70 P
High accuracy 4-wire Level Radar Precision measurement with a system accuracy of +/- 1 mm / 0.04", and high repeatability, for use in storage tanks. Highlights Available interfaces: HART®, RS 485, PROFIBUS-PA, Fieldbus Foundation The first radar level measurement system with dyn
Радарный уровнемер
Радарный уровнемер BM 700
General-Purpose Level Radar For standard applications on storage tanks, for still wells and reference vessel; high performance and low price. Highlight Local display optional Connections for Food Industry available Different antenna types Measuring range up to 20 m / 66 ft