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Оптоэлектронный переключатель предельных сигналов LSO.06


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Деловые линии
Деловые линии


  • Level measurement for liquid media
  • Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, natural gas, offshore
  • Shipbuilding, machine building
  • Power generating equipment, power stations
  • Process and drinking water treatment

Special Features

  • Temperature ranges from -269 ... +400 °C
  • Designs for pressure ranges of vacuum to 500 bar
  • Special versions: high pressure, separation layer measurement
  • Explosion-protected versions


The optoelectronic liquid level limit switch is used for measuring liquid level limits. This is widely independent of physical characteristics such as refractive index, colour, specific gravity, dielectric constant and conductivity. Measurement of small volumes is also possible.

The optoelectronic transducer Model LSO.06 is also available as an explosion-protected version (Zone 0 and Zone 1).

Can be used as overflow control together with switching amplifier model LSO.25. Versions for low and high temperatures and pressures up to 500 bar are also available.

The instruments are very robust and designed for rough operating conditions. The cable to the switching amplifier does not need any screen so that cabling can be realised uncritically and economically.

Оптоэлектронный мини переключатель уровня
Оптоэлектронный мини переключатель уровня LSO.02
Application Level measurement for liquid media Level control and monitoring of defined levels Machine building Wastewater and environmental engineering Special Features Very compact design, measurem
Датчик уровня оптический
Датчик уровня оптический OPT
Материал Полипропилен, нержавеющая сталь tmax 80 °C Pmax 10 бар